2024 Registration

Returning CGST Swimmers- A Priority registration is now open



All new CGST Swimmers (Hatchlings or Competitive) must have an evaluation prior to joining the team. The evaluation helps us to meet new families, answer team questions, and better understand swimmers' experience and abilities. 

Make sure your swimmer(s) wear a comfortable swimsuit, bring googles (not a swim mask that covers the nose), a towel, and warm clothing. The dome will be removed at the time of the evaluation. We will keep the evaluation brief and only put swimmers in the water at their evaluation time. We will keep them moving for the short swim session. If there is inclement weather--check our website prior to your scheduled evaluation. 

Please note: Swimmers must be comfortable stepping feet first into water over their head and propelling themselves forward unassisted. They need to be able to push off the side and glide two body lengths face down and recover to vertical position. Hatchlings should be able to swim approximately half the pool length. Competitive swimmers must be able to swim at least a full pool length (25 m). If your swimmer(s) cannot swim unassisted safely then we may recommend lessons to ensure their safety. We look forward to seeing everyone at evaluations! 

NEW to CGST but NOT new to competitive swimming? Click Here 

*Any Hatchling who successfully completed the 2023 season and was able to swim at least 25 meters (a full length) of the pool may sign up for the competitive team. 

Email with any questions. The team email account will be checked periodically in the off-season. 

2024 Fees

$180 for first swimmer, $160 for second swimmer, $150 for third swimmer, $140 for fourth swimmer. (Long course swimmers can pay $135, see below).

The rate for Hatchlings program will be $150.

When registering on ACTIVE, you will be required to pay $50 per swimmer plus transaction fee at the time of registration. This secures your place on the team. This $50 is non-refundable, except in rare cases. As a courtesy, we allow you the option to pay in full online or send in the balance due by check (to avoid the remaining transaction fees, 4.95%, set by ACTIVE). It is easiest for us if you pay in full online. However, we aim to please, so if you want to avoid transaction fees on the remaining balance or wish to spread out your payments: Please mail your check, made out to CGST, to: Karen Moore, Treasurer, 5352 Raven Stone Rd, Crozet VA 22932. Full payment is due no later than May 20.

As examples:

If you have a swimmer ($180): you paid $50 online, you owe balance of $130.

If you have 2 swimmers($180+160): you paid $100 online, you owe balance of $240.

If you have a long course swimmer ($135): you paid $50 online, you owe balance of $85.

If you have a swimmer in Hatchlings ($150), you paid $50 online, you owe balance of $100.

If you have one swimmer on competitive team and one in Hatchlings ($180 + $150): you paid $100 online, you owe balance of $230.

If you have one regular CGST swimmer and one Long Course swimmer ($180 + $130), you paid $100 online, you owe balance of $210.

Additional Info:

Swimmers who regularly practice at the CPAFC (Crozet Park Aquatics & Fitness Center) will also need to purchase a membership for the equivalent of June/July. This cost is approx. $30/mo for youth membership or $79/mo for family membership. You can arrange this directly with ACAC at the start of the season. More information will be sent to team in May.

Long Course Swimmers: 

We still want you to be part of our family and our team! We will offer a LC swimmer rate of $135. This is ONLY for swimmers who will regularly practice with their year-round team, but will attend Wednesday CGST night meets and occasional other practices/team events. If your LC swimmer plans to attend more than 1 CGST practice per week, please sign up as a regular summer swimmer.

LC Swim families: Please register your non-Long Course swimmers as primary swimmers, then add LC swimmers. Ex: you have 2 swimmers, the older swims Long Course, the younger will attend CGST each morning.


Note 1: We cannot offer refunds for swimmers or families who change their minds or change their plans. We will consider exceptions on a case by case basis.

Note 2: Some financial assistance is available, including discounts and payment plans. We are committed to helping families stay connected with our team. Please email for more information.