Volunteer Expectations "All Hands On Deck": Each family signs up for a minimum of 3 meet volunteer roles (more, if you prefer). First half volunteer roles are reserved for the parents of younger swimmers (8 & Under). Please be respectful and sign up for the appropriate session. This will be monitored and modified, if necessary. All positions will allow you to watch your swimmer(s) compete!

Signup Genius: Sign up here! https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080A4EACA729A7FB6-49709310-crozet#/ 

Only sign up for dates you will be in attendance; you are responsible for finding a replacement, if you cancel. Notice ALL meets are on the same sign-up. Deadline: June 7

Check-in Time: Please make an effort to check in as you arrive for the meet, and no later than 5:30.

We are still in need of a second half Head Runner. If you are interested, and able to attend all 3 home meets please reach out to Kelly Brown ASAP.

Additional Questions: Please contact Kelly Brown at kellym.stinson@gmail.com

Thanks to all the fabulous parents for supporting our Gators, and we look forward to another successful swim season!!

Volunteer Coordinators: Kelly Brown and Lisa Tungate

Swim Meet Personnel / Job Descriptions

The job list below is a brief description of positions available for CGST meets:

Clerk of Course: The Clerk of Course position is responsible for organizing swimmers into the correct heat and lanes. 

Timers: The timers are responsible for operating the stopwatch. Each timer is to collect the time from the stopwatch and write it on the lane timer sheet for the swimmers. There is a timer’s meeting with the meet directors and an official before the start of each session.

Head Timer: This position is usually held by someone who has experience as a timer. This person runs two stopwatches for each race in case a timer’s watch fails on a race. If this occurs, the head timer will give one of his/her extra watches to the timer in order to have the necessary number of times for each race and swimmer.

Runner: The runner collects all the lane timer sheets from each lane after the completion of each EVENT and delivers them to the computer table. Runners also collect swimmer's cards to deliver to the computer table. The poster will post all printed results of each race in the lobby in the designated areas.

Set Up/Tear Down: 2 separate groups responsible for setting up, and tearing down the facility for the meet. Including moving umbrellas, lounge chairs, tables, clerk of course benches, etc. Also works with ACAC lifeguards to help. 

Stroke and Turn Judges: USA Swimming requires these positions at all its sanctioned meets. CGST needs many parents trained in these positions in order to run meets smoothly. In order to become an official, a person must pass an online test.  Once the test is passed, deck training is required. Please email Jen Phillips at jmphillips77@gmail.com if interested. 

Heat Winners: Events are organized into heats. Each heat winner will get a ribbon and this role is to meet the swimmer at the end of the race and distribute the ribbon. NEW this year--we will have "Lucky Duck" heats which will be announced at the start of the heat and those winners will get a rubber duck prize with their heat winner ribbon.

Ribbons: As meet results are available a team of volunteers will put labels on the place ribbons for each event. The ribbons are then sorted for distribution on Fridays. This job can go into the later hours at a meet since results are printed in real-time.

Hospitality: The hospitality crew will deliver water and snacks to meet volunteers and coaches for both the home and away teams.

Pizza Sales: Once all volunteers are checked-in the tent will transition into a Pizza Sales tent. This team will be in charge of selling pizza and ordering more pizza to be delivered to the pool as needed. 

Online Training Modules from Jefferson Swim League