Practice Groups

CGST is divided into multiple practice groups allowing swimmers to train at their own level alongside peers of similar ability and age. Please remember that practice groups are ultimately, and solely decided by the coaching staff, and are never automatic (e.g. attaining times). Coaches will take into account practice and meet performance, physical and social maturity, age, commitment, attendance and overall preparedness for the next group before promoting a swimmer. Groups are an ongoing and everchanging thing, as swimmers will progress at different rates.


We ask that your swimmers be on the pool deck, ready to go 10 minutes before practice. The turn-around time between one group ending practice and another beginning is quick, with younger swimmers entering immediately after older swimmers exit. Timeliness to practice is our most common recurring problem. Our longest swim practices are only a little over one hour which means it’s important to make the most of all the time we have in the pool. Also, arriving on time allows swimmers to warm-up properly, which reduces injuries. 


Though summer vacations are imminent, and often needed, swimmers are strongly encouraged to attend as many practices as they can. The coaches can only coach who shows up. Building team unity, improving stroke technique, and dropping time in races all lead back to daily swim practice! Being a dedicated team member requires commitment to your teammates and coaches and can be seen through attending practice and putting forth the effort to make the most of each session.


All swimmers should bring a water bottle with their name written on it. Your swimmers sweat when they swim, and should stay hydrated by taking sips of water every 15 minutes. 


CGST rents the pool from the CPAFC. Please be respectful, and remind your swimmers to be respectful of the facility and club members. This includes all areas-locker rooms, inside the gym, on the pool deck. We are grateful to share the space with our community members.

Practice Attire

Other Items

In addition to the items above, your swimmer may also want a few other things. You will want to send your swimmer with a larger, bath size towel. 

To keep all of their equipment together, we advise using a dedicated swim bag. This helps swimmers avoid missing or lost equipment. In addition, we strongly recommend using name labels or fabric markers to label EVERYTHING your swimmer brings to the pool with your family name and/or phone number. Many swimsuits, clothes, towels, shoes, backpacks and more get lost and are unclaimed at the pool each year.

Swimmers are welcome to bring their own equipment bag, with any equipment they have, including kickboard, fins, snorkel and paddles. Please make sure your swimmers name is on all of their equipment, so coaches can return it if lost.

Crozet Pool gives us access to kickboards and a small stash of fins. Fins will not be a commonly used piece of equipment, however they are occasionally helpful.